Missouri Dealer Seminar Testimonials

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When I arrived today I had so many questions about how to obtain a license and now they were all answered. I feel much more confident as I move forward with my dealership.
Karen Hustus
Marshfield, Missouri

I have been in the car business as a dealer for over ten years and I still got some great info.
David Clevenger
Joplin, MO

The class was extremely informative and the instructor was way engaging and awesome with details and Q&A.
Definitely Recommend
Beverly Cody
St. Louis, MO

Very informative, well managed. Answered all questions. Enjoyed the dealer class.
Brittnee Sweet
Republic, Missouri

Great Course
Not to long in length
Great knowledge to have in industry
No Testing
Mark Myers
Lake Tapawing

Delus was a very high energy instructor. He kept the dealer class interesting and entertaining. His use of real life circumstances with a dealer license helped me to understand what goes on in the industry.
Kyle Kirk
Republic, Missouri

The license training was great and very informative. Learned alot of info in a short amount of time.
Terrall Cooper
Kansas City, Missouri

This class is great to get the ball rolling, plenty of information to take home and great for entry level car dealers. Also provides information on where ot find answers to later issues.
Blake Perkins
Kearney, MO

Great Courss. Awesome job explaining everything and going through the whole book thouroughly. Super friendly and helpful.
Tayor Thomure
Hillsboro, MO

I would definitly recommend this class, manual is very thorough.
Tract Boatright

Great Class
Erica Harris
Grandview, Missouri

Very helpful. I am so glad I came and spent the time and money to become a dealer.
Heather Richardson
Troy, Missouri

This class was great and I would reccomend this course to everyone. Keep doing what you are doing. Thanks a lot!
Travis Burris
Kansas City, MO

Excellent, clear, concise presentation.
Kendall Shiver
KC Auto Group
Kansas City, Missouri

I found this course to be very informative, the instructor was a great speaker. He made the material interesting.
Naomi Cowen
St. Louis, Missouri

Very informative, great dealer seminar.
Janet Ryan
Kansas City, Missouri

Great ethics delivery.
Robert Thogmartin
Joplin, Missouri

Very informative learning policy and state procedures. I found very valuable.
Jeremy Vandiver
Lees Summit, MO

Great Job!!!! Very well spoken learned a great amount on how to get a dealer license in a very short time.
Adam Johnson
St. Peters, MO

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If you recently completed a Missouri Dealer Educational Seminar, please ad your testimonial by going to our Ad Testimonial page.