Your Missouri Dealer License Class Tuition Includes ALL of the Following Benefits with NO Additional Charges or Membership Fees:

4 Hour State Mandated Training Class (Take course online or in class.)

Technical Support (We are a phone call away to answer questions with NO additional charges or membership fees)

140 Page Copyrighted Dealer Training Manual (Includes operating guidelines to refer to after course and is only available to our students)

Official Certificate of Completion (Required for licensure)

Official State Dealer Application (We will complete the application in the course and also show you how to apply online)

Dealers License in as little as 7 Days ( We will show you how to submit your application correctly for the quickest license approval)

The Following EXCLUSIVE benefits are ONLY available to our students after the course at NO additional charge!

Dealer Auction Training (Online, a must for you AND your salespersons)

How to Identify Vehicles with Damage History (Online, a must for you AND your salespersons)

Free Dealer Surety Bond Quotes

Free Dealer Insurance Quotes

Law Updates Every Year (We post training content when dealer laws change that is only available to our students, when a law changes you will know about it at no additional charge)

Sales Reports (We cover this in class but also give you additional sales report training online as a refresher after class. Your future salespersons and employees can view all online training too at no additional charge)

Missouri Title Training (We cover this in class but also give you additional title training online, after class. A great refresher for you and an excellent learning tool for your future salespersons & employees!)

Missouri Dealer Advertising (We cover in class but also give you additional advertising training online, after class. Great for you, your employees, and partners)

Missouri Dealer Records (You will maintain an extensive set of records with your dealers license. We cover in class and after class, online)

Missouri Dealer License Plates (The Department of Revenue has guidelines you will learn in class. Also included online after class. A great benefit for your salespersons to view)

Notice of Lien System ( We will show you how to file liens on vehicles in class but also give the training online after class as a refresher for you or to teach your employees after class)

Dealer Sexual Harassment Training (Online after class, helps prevent harassment in your dealership)

Cybersecurity Training (Online after class, secure your network to avoid Federal fines)

FTC Privacy Rule Training (Online after class)

FTC Safeguards Rule Training (Online after class)

FTC Credit Practices Rule Training (Online after class)

Office of Foreign Asset Control Training (Online after class)

Online Course Tuition is $299 per person. Each person must take the course separately to get course credit.

In class Tuition is $299 for one person and $199 for each additional person on the same license including ALL benefits listed above.

Every benefit above is included with your one time tuition payment. No Additional Charges, EVER!

If you don't make your tuition back on your first sale with our training, you are not charging enough for your vehicles!

Questions? Call me, Delus Johnson, at 816-390-2267 or 800-369-2467.

Missouri Dealer License Instructor