Steps To Obtaining Your Missouri Dealers License

Play the video or scroll down for step by step Missouri Dealer License requirements

To obtain a Missouri Dealers License just follow these simple steps and contact us to sign up for your state mandated Dealer Education Seminar. 

1.  Attend A Missouri Dealer Class
2.  Complete Dealer Application
3.  Conduct A Criminal Background Check
4.  Register Your Dealership Name With The Missouri Secretary of State
5.  You Must Have A Place Of Business
6.  You Must Have A Display Lot
7.  You Need A Business Sign
8.  Submit A Photograph Of Your Business
9.  Maintain Dealer Insurance On Your Vehicle Inventory
10. Provide A Dealer Surety Bond Or Irrevocable Letter Of Credit
11. Maintain Regular Business Hours
12. Have Your Business Location Certified By A Law Enforcement Officer

1. Take Dealer Course Online or Attend A Missouri Dealer Class in Person

To obtain a
MO Dealer License you will need to complete the state mandated Missouri Dealer Educational Seminar. Your dealer license training class takes about 4 hours. You are required by the Department of Revenue to set through the entire 4 hour dealer training class. When you complete the course you will receive an Official Dealer Certificate of Completion. You can do this as your first step of 12 steps, during your 12 steps, or after you have completed the 12 steps. If you decide to take the dealer class as your first step we will do our very best to guide you in the right direction so you may obtain your dealers license as soon as possible so you may open your new business as soon as soon as possible. Find a dealer class near you by viewing the Class Schedule. When you complete your training course, Missouri Dealer Seminars will issue your Dealer Educational Seminar Certificate of Completion that is necessary to obtain your Missouri Dealers License. You will need to include your Certificate of Completion when you submit your application. Sign up now!

2. Complete Dealer Application

You must apply for your dealer license through the Department of Revenue Dealer Portal we will discuss in your dealer class and the online course. We will make sure your application is submited correctly so you may get your license in as little as 7 days.

3. Conduct A Criminal Background Check

You must conduct an online criminal background check before you obtain your Missouri Dealer License. If you are a Missouri resident, you can begin your background check by clicking here. The background check must be conducted online through the Missouri Highway Patrol. The background check will cost $15.25 for each person on the license and each person on the license must pass the background check. If you are a resident of a state other than Missouri, you will need to submit a current background check from your State Highway Patrol or State Bureau of Investigations. All background checks must be less than 30 days old at the time of application. Be sure to include a copy of your background check in your dealer application packet.

4. Register Your Dealership Name With The Missouri Secretary of State

You must register your business name with the Missouri Secretary of State. This must be done before your receive your Missouri Dealer's License.  You can register your business name with the Missouri Secretary of State by calling 573-751-3827 or visit We will discuss Secretary of State registrations in you dealer training course.

5. You Must Have A Place Of Business

You must have a place of business to be used for the sole purpose of selling motor vehicles. You must have an area that is used only for the purpose of the business. You can also locate your business in any commercially zoned area that allows an automotive business. Be sure to check your local zoning laws. You must keep all books, records, and licenses in this building at all times. If you are using a travel trailer or mobile home, you'll need to remove it's wheels and anchor it securely to the ground. Remember, you must check your local zoning ordinances to make sure an automotive business is allowed at the location you have chosen for your dealership.

6. You Must Have A Display Lot

You must have a display lot with room for multiple motor vehicles. This lot must be for the exclusive use of your business. Any vehicles located on your lot must be for sale and the lot must have an unobstructed view from the nearest public street. All of your vehicles held for resale must be located on this lot.

7. You Need A Business Sign

You will need a permanent business sign. This sign can be on the exterior of the business building or erected on the display area. The sign's letters must be at least 6 inches in height and must be clearly visible to the public. You must also post your hours of operation prominently.

8. Submit A Photograph Of Your Business

You must submit a current photograph of your business with your dealer application. The picture must include your business building, display lot, and sign.  The photo can also be submited through the dealer portal we discuss in class.

9. Maintain Dealer Insurance On Your Vehicle Inventory

You must maintain insurance on every vehicle you own. Our online quoting system will forward your dealer insurance quote request to a dealer insurance provider so you can receive a quote. Just click here for your Missouri Dealer Insurance Quote. You will be required to provide proof insurance before you obtain your dealers license. Click here for your dealer insurance quote

10. Provide A Dealer Surety Bond Or Irrevocable Letter Of Credit

You must provide either an original dealer surety bond in the amount of $50,000 or an irrevocable letter of credit in the amount of $50,000. You can easily apply for your Missouri Dealer Surety Bond by clicking here. The price for your surety bond will depend on your credit score. Higher credit scores equal lower surety bond prices. If you have a bad credit history, your bond pricing can be much higher. With our access to several national bonding brokers we can provide quick, easy dealer surety bond quotes for anyone with perfect credit, less than perfect credit, or bad credit. Irrevocable letters of credit are issued by banks and the fees vary greatly so check with your banker. The Missouri Department of Revenue requires either a bond or letter of credit to protect you against any legal claims against your dealership by unsatisfied customers. Don't worry, if you operate your business with complete integrity, you will probably never have to use it. For your free Missouri Dealer Surety Bond quote, just click here.

11. Maintain Regular Business Hours

Your business must maintain regular working hours of at least 20 hours per week. If you are running the business from your home address, or another location, someone will need to be available during your hours of operation. You will need to have your business open a minimum of 4 days a week between the hours of 6:00AM-10:00PM Monday through Saturday. Missouri laws prohibit dealers from operating on Sundays. Motorcyle dealers may now open on Sundays, but if you also sell cars and trucks, you must still remain closed.

12. Have Your Business Location Certified By A Law Enforcement Officer

One of the final steps to obtaining your Missouri Dealer's License is your Application Certification. You will need to make an appointment with a law enforcement officer to inspect your business location to make it sure it meets all of the dealer's license requirements. Don't worry, the certification process is very quick and easy to pass as long as you follow every step listed above. If your dealership will be located in Boone, Buchanan, Camden, Cape Girardeau, Clay, Cole, Franklin, Greene, Jackson, Jasper, Jefferson, Platte, St. Charles, or Taney counties, you can have your certification done by an authorized officer of a metropolitan police department. If your dealership will be located in St. Louis County or St. Louis City, you must have your lot inspected by an agent with the St. Louis County or City Auto Theft Division. If your dealership is located in a Missouri county not listed above, you will need to contact a member of the Missouri Highway Patrol to conduct your certification. Just call them and tell them you would like to schedule a time to have your business inspected in order to certify for a dealer's license. Your experience during the Application Certification will be quick, positive, informative, and painless.
That's it. You can upload all information through the Department of Revenue Dealer Portal.  We will cover the correct application process step by step in your Missouri Dealer License Training Course.

When you receive your license you will be able to enter any dealer auto auction in the country, buy any vehicle without titling it, then sell it anywhere in the country for a profit! Sign Up For The State Required Dealer Seminar Now. We are here to answer your questions at any time.