Missouri Dealer Licensing Section in Jefferson City

Missouri Dealer licenses are regulated by the Missouri Department of Revenue's Dealer Licensing Section. The Dealer Licensing Section is located in the Harry S Truman Building just across the street from the Missouri Capitol. The main goal of the Department of Revenue's dealer licensing section is to not only process Missouri Dealer Applications, but to answer dealer's questions.

Not only is having a dealers license a great business, but it is a great FIRST business. With a Missouri Dealer license you will have unlimited technical support from a Dealer Licensing Section employee. They are an encyclopedia of dealer knowlege and they are a phone call or email away to answer any questions you have about how to obtain your dealers license. The Dealer Licensing Section will also answer questions after you have obtained your dealers license, and they will answer questions if you have been a licensed dealer for 20 years. They are an excellent resourse for any dealer in Missouri and it is advised that you never wing it when operating your dealership. If you have a question on a form or some sales process, the Dealer Licensing Section will have answers. They are an incredible resourse for every dealer in Missouri.

There are also times when you may call the Dealer Licensing Section and it is possible that the person you are speaking to may not have an answer to your question, although unlikely. When this happens the employee may switch you over to the Department of Revenue legal staff. There are times that you may get free legal advice from the Missouri Department of Revenue simply by having a Missouri Dealers license.

The Dealer Licensing Section maintains normal business hours from 9:00AM to 4:30PM from Monday through Friday. They are closed on all State of Missouri holidays.

Missouri Department of Revenue
Dealer Licensing Section
PO Box 43
Jefferson City, MO 65105

571-751-8343 extension 7

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Missouri Dealer Licensing Section