Dealer License Videos

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How to Get a MO Dealer License

View the easy step by step startup process of how to obtain a Missouri dealers license

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Get Started In Buy Here Pay Here

Missouri Dealers can easily start a profitable Buy Here Pay Here Dealership with this Software

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Add $500 Profit to Each Sale

Find out how MO dealers can add $500 profit when selling vehicles with a dealers license

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Take Personal Property on Trade

Missouri Dealers can accept TVs, PCs, Guns, iPads, Appliances, and much more as trade-ins

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Close Deals With Temp Tags

You can place a Temporary Tag on vehicle that can help you negotiate higher profits

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How Dealers Use Dealer Plates

You will find out how to legally use your dealers license plates with dealers license

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Vehicle History Reports

Missouri Dealers should run a Vehicle History Report when buying or taking a trade-in

Discount Reports

How Dealers Flip Vehicles

Find out how MO dealers reassign titles or flip a vehicle for a profit with a dealers license

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Missouri Dealer Licensing Steps

This extensive video shows you every detailed step involved in obtating a MO dealers license

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Missouri Dealer Software

Learn about Missouri Dealer Software
that can simplify the operation
of your dealership.

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How To Get Into Dealer Auctions

Learn how to get into every dealer auction in North America with Auction Access for dealers!

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What is a Dealer Surety Bond?

Does a $50,000 dealer bond cost $50,000. No, get one for as low as $250 in your dealer class.

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Vehicle Pricing and Negotiation

Use proven negotiation psychology to price vehicles that sell fast. Its all in using the 9's

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Guaranteed SBA Dealer Loans

Find out how to obtain startup funding from the Small Business Administration for dealers

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How to make $319,000 a Year

Our step by step instructions show you how to make at lease $319,000 per year once licensed

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Donate Vehicles For Tax Writeoffs

The vehicles that sit on your lot can allow you to reduce your tax liability with the IRS.

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Consignments and Trade Ins

Sell other persons vehicles on your cost with no inventory costs. Mark up your tradeins

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Get a Dealer Floor Plan

Companies want you to get your dealer license so than can loan money for your inventory.

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Complete Titles and Lost Titles

Learn how to flip vehicles for a profit buying vehicles from customers that have lost titles

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Get a Federal Tax ID Number for Free

Some companies charge $500 to apply for your Tax Id Number. This video shows how for free.

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FTC Buyers Guides AS-IS Sticker

Find how to download this free piece of paper to display on your vehicles. The AS-IS Sticker

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Ethics & License Suspensions

Ethics and Integrity will take your income to a whole new level and avoid license suspension.

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National Motor Vehicle Title Info

Learn about a vehicles that have damage history, flooded vehicles, stolen vehicles and more

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Odometer Fraud and Disclosure

Don't get burned by an odometer fraudster. This video shows how to identify odometer fraud.

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Register With Your SOS

Most states require you to register your new business with your Secretary of State

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Hiring Tips for Dealers

Learn how to avoid fines when hiring employees that do the majority of work for you.

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Financing and Cash Reporting

Learn how to report large amounts of cash that customers pay you. Financing is also covered

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Maintaining Dealer Records

You will need a copy machine/scanner to help you maintain your required records. It's Easy!

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Dealer Insurance, Where Do I Get It?

This video shows you how to save thousands of dollars a year on your dealer insurance

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2022 Dealer Laws

This dealer video covers
the new dealer laws
that were passed in MO
last year and affect dealer
operations in 2022

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Damaged Vehicles

You will need to learn
how to identify vehicles
with damage history so
you don't get burned at
dealer auctions. Learn more!

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Flood Damaged Cars

You must learn how to
determine if a vehicle
you are purchasing for
resale has been in a
flood. Be Prepared!

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Dealer Plates

We will show you
how to legally use
your dealer license plates
as required by the DOR
Learn more about DTags

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Out of State Titles

Missouri Dealers are
allowed to sell vehicles
with titles from any
other State. Learn more !

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Dealer Surety Bonds

All Missouri Dealers
must obtain a $50,000 dealer
surety bond to
get licensed. Learn more !

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