Dealer License Videos

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Get Licensed

This video shows the
step by step startup
process of how to
obtain a Missouri
dealers license

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Auction Training

You will have access to
every dealer auction in the
United States with a MO
dealer license. Learn how
to buy correctly.

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Identify Damaged Cars

You will need to learn
how to identify vehicles
with damage history so
you don't get burned at
dealer auctions. Learn more!

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Flood Damaged Cars

You must learn how to
determine if a vehicle
you are purchasing for
resale has been in a
flood. Be Prepared!

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Dealer Plates

We will show you
how to legally use
your dealer license plates
as required by the DOR
Learn more about DTags

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2020 Dealer Laws

This dealer video covers
the new dealer laws
that were passed in MO
last year and affect dealer
operations in 2020

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Dealer Titles

Missouri allows dealers
reassign ownership of
vehicle on the back of
a title. You can flip a car
for profits easily. Watch!

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Out of State Titles

Missouri Dealers are
allowed to sell vehicles
with titles from any
other State. Learn more
about out of State titles.

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Videos After Class

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many, many more
videos that are available
excusively to our students
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