Missouri Dealer Seminar Testimonials

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The dealer educational seminar was very informative and Delus Johnson is an excellent speaker. I would recommend it to anyone thinking of starting there own business in the automotive industry.

Corey Nettles
Commercial Truck Body and Paint
Columbia, Missouri

The seminar answered all of the questions I had and really did a great job of taking the mysteries out of the application process. Such as which license do I really need. Delus was very clear in his presentation and his past experiences and stories I found to be educational. First class job and I am glad it is mandatory. Thank you Rod Triplett

Rod Triplett
FFP Trailer & Auto
Republic, Missouri

I have been in the Automobile Business for over 25 years. I found Delus Johnson's training to be the most informative education in the business. I have attended J.D. Powers, Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziegler, and many others. This training far exceeded my expectations. Thanks again for your help.

James Murray
First Class Cars
Kearney, Missouri

The class was full of pertinent information and Delus was one of the best speakers/ trainers I have been in contact with in the automotive industry. I would highly recommend this class to anybody thinking of getting their license or any veteren who thinks they know it all! You will be very surprised and updated with all the current laws and regulations the state has in place. Well worth the money! Thanks again for making me believe in the automobile business!

Michael Riggio
St. Louis, Missouri

I learned a ton in that short amount of time. Delus did an awesome job of answering all the questions quickly and super patiently! One more thing about the training I liked was that you focused on being ethical rather than just following the rules. I hope to bring ethics, customer satisfaction, and customer experience to a new level with this business. Thanks for the class!

Bobby McGee
Kansas City, Missouri

Class was very informative. I feel all office/sales reps from any dealership would benefit greatly from this class.

Nicole Schroeder
Ozark Motorsports
Osage Beach, Missouri

Starting a dealership is exciting, but there are lots of questions and fears of being uneducated.
This course no only left me feeling prepared but also ready to go full force into my business.
The class provided plenty of information, personal experience, and confidence I needed.
Thank you!
Jonathan Seaton
Marshfield, Missouri

I'm glad that this seminar is available to educate new and old dealers. The class was givin in an exiting way that would encourage many to stick with their dream of becoming a dealer in Missouri. THANK YOU!

Dekitha Bradley
McCalls Auto Sales
St. Louis, Missouri

I was very impressed with the knowledge and presentation skills that Delus possesses. The class was very thorough and informative. If you intend to get into this business, you will be more comfortable with your decision and better prepared to handle the paperwork/business side of it.

Al Schneider
Regional Sales Manager
Jon-Don Inc.
Hazelwood, Missouri

Delus Johnson is an excellent instructor, I am a professor at a university and gave him a grade A. It is important that people who are interested in becoming a dealer to attend, there is a lot to learn. Thanks.

David Baker
Linsday Autos
Independence, Missouri

I found Delus Johnson to be very informative and helpful. He was able to answer all my questions and give great advice. I learned a lot from the class, however, it was Delus who made the class a positive experience. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in getting their dealer's license.

Joe Neubauer
Midwest Auto and Powersports LLC
Wentzville, Missouri

I can't imagine a better instructor than Delus Johnson. Most of the time, after a few hours of one of these things I'm ready to light my hair on fire, but it wasn't boring at all, and the time just flew by. I could of set there a couple of more hours, highly recommend it, money well spent.

Ash Grove Auto Sales
Ash Grove, Missouri

Kept the Class very interesting, and fast moving with a lot of great content. One of the best seminars I have ever attended

Al Hess
Wholesale Trucks of America, LLC
Kansas City

The class was a big help the instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. I learned all about what Missouri excepted from me and how to get it all done. I had put off the class to the last but if I had it to do over again I would have taken it first. It will help you answer a number of the questions the dealer operating manual does not. Thanks for a great class and all the help.

Adam Cardwell
Cardwell Automotive
Kirbyville, Missouri

Class was great, very valuable information, instructor was amazing.
Lashonda Fowler
Raytown, Missouri

I attended your seminar a couple of months ago. I wanted to give you an update on my progress because I appreciated your sincere interest in everyone who attended. I'm a brand new buy here pay here lot. I have been open for six weeks. I sold 40 cars in my first month with no advertising. I have sold over twenty cars this month already. My average sale is 300% of my investment. My first advertising starts in a week. Projections show positive cash flow in September as well as a net profit of over $100,000 a month in twelve months. I have had to repo two cars to date. It has been an interesting two months to say the least. Thanks.
Shane Cates
Mo Cars
Battlefield, Missouri

Very helpful class. Seems like a alot of information to take in all at once but without the class I never would of been able to fill alot of the forms out myself.
This class was very helpful.
Tyrell Blanks
St. Louis, Missouri

Thank you, my father has operated his dealership for 28 years. As you mentioned, being honest is your best selling advice. Your seminar was every helpful since my father has done all the paper work for all these years. So for his memory we are going to try and keep this going. Thanks Delus.

RG Waggoner
Kansas City, Missouri

Great class. Very informative Delus answered all questions and was very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended.

Adam D.
Preston, Missouri

Delus Johnson was very helpful even before I attended the seminar. The information covered will help make the transition into business much easier than without it. I highly recommend Delus Johnson's to anyone considering becoming a dealer! Thanks for your knowledge and service.

John Moncke
Eurocar Inc.
Kansas City, Missouri

I decided to take your course because you had, by far, the best Missouri Dealer License related web-site. I thought this would be a good indication your course would be well taught. It was even better than I expected.

Robert Pegg
Bo Alley Automotive
Columbia, Missouri

This man was good. Did a fantastic presentation.

Robert Stephens
Country Club Hill, MO

Highly recommend this course. Fast paced, and very informative. Honestly, I was dreading taking the time out of my schedule to attend this course. I can honestly say, even if it was not a requirement, I'd recommend taking it.

Scott Freitag
Hwy 112 Sales, LLC
Cassville, Missouri

Shane has been in car sales for a while and had a dealers license in the past, but for our new license, we had to take the seminar. He wasn't thrilled about going. But boy are we glad we did! We both learned a lot. He learned that what he has always done was not always correct. We walked away with a ton of information that will definitely help us succeed in our new business. Delus Johnson was very up to date on the info he knew and was able to relate to everyone. You could tell that he enjoyed what he was doing and if there was something he didn't know he just told us he didn't know instead of making it up. We enjoyed the seminar. Thank you

Shane and Becky Smith
Smith Family Powersports
Joplin, Missouri

I took the class a few weeks ago . I enjoyed the class very much. It was very informative and at a good pace. I was very confident and all my questions were answered.

Delena Osborn
Osborn's Auto
Ava, Missouri

It was helpful, I had my dealer license years ago and know some stuff but alot has changed for eht better with online reports, etc.

Jimmy Robbins
Barnhart, MO

I thought that Delus did an exceptional job teaching the course. I felt that I was knowledgeable enough to fill out the correct forms and file accordingly after taking this course. He explained things very thoroughly and I felt that I got a good grasp on everything. He was very open to questions and helpful answering them too. I would recommend Delus to any other individuals taking this course.

Spencer King
Ozark Golf Cars & Utility Vehicles
Ozark, Missouri

The training was very informative. I assure you that without it I would have been in the dark on state procedures. The presentation was very clear and concise and had the correct answers to all of our questions. I would recommend this training to anyone and everyone wanting to get their license. Delus Johnson had a lot of experience in auctions and knows the state laws on dealer licensing very well.

Michael Grove
Battery Mans Supply
St. Joseph, Missouri

Great training! The information that was given really cleared up a lot of things about getting started as a dealer. I don't think that I would have been anywhere near as confident about our success and operational procedures without it. Thanks guys!

Dan Moss
Lincoln County Auto
Moscow Mills, Missouri

Very helpful class. Seems like a alot of information to take in all at once but without the class I never would of been able to fill alot of the forms out myself.
This class was very helpful.

Tyrell Blanks
St. Louis, Missouri

The class was very knowledgeable and educational. I would recommend my friends. Thank you.

Sheila D Ransburg
She-She Auto Sales
Springfield, Missouri

I am thankful for the dealer training. It was a great help in "jump starting" my dealership. It solidified what I already knew, but then educated me in the areas that I was ignorant. I know it will definitely save me money and help keep me from stupid mistakes in the long run. Thank you to Delus Johnson and to the state of Missouri for licensing me into one of today's greatest businesses!

Gray Nordan
Guaranteed Auto Sales
Bolivar, Missouri

I really enjoyed the seminar. This class is a very detailed class, and I learned so much from it. I was dreading taking the class, but was pleasantly surprised. I really learned a lot in such a short amount of time. The class and this website has greatly enhanced my business' chance of succeeding. I would have been lost without it. Thanks so much!

April Samples
C. A. Sales and Rentals
Doniphan, Missouri

The info provided at the Dealer Seminar is invaluable especially if you are just starting out. Delus also provides good advice on finding bargains and the best times to list your auctions online.

Vince Schneider
Country Club Limousine
St Louis, Missouri

My wife and I attended the seminar and found it to be an excellent source of information and training so that we can start our own dealership. The textbooks are a plus so that we have information to refer back to. The instructor was great and answered all our questions. Thanks!

Cliff Riley
Cliff Riley's Auto & Truck Service Center
Pleasant Hill, Missouri

The course was very informative. The presenter was well prepared and was up to date on current legislation. He was very helpful and was able to answer all questions from the participants.

Brenda Baker
Baker's Service Center and Sales
Scott City, MO

Not only has Delus Johnson made the process of obtaining a dealers license easy, he makes himself available for any questions you may have regarding a dealers license, even after you complete the training.

Norm Conant
Two Dogs Automotive
Pleasant Hill, Missouri

A lot has changed since I was a Missouri Dealer a number of years ago. The class was very informative on bringing me up to date and guiding me thru the in's and out's of getting licensed and the reports required.

Randy McSpadden
Sunrise Beach, Missouri

My wife and I attended the seminar on August 9th, 2013. I grew up in the restaurant business, and know way too much about it, and have put too many hours in it. So my wife and I decided it would be a good idea to open a used car dealership, well I wasn't exactly thrilled at the idea of having to sit through a seminar. I figured everything we learned would be mumbo jumbo... well... thank God for that seminar. We both learned SO much I can't even explain it to you. Had I not taken this seminar I probably would have been slammed with fines from the Department of Revenue while doing business. Delus was very informative and a great down to earth, upbeat guy. He kept the class interesting. I would recommend this seminar to anyone that is getting ready to open a dealership, and even to those that already own one.

B & H Auto Sales
Boonville, Missouri

I think you have a Wonderful Class, learned some stuff from it very informative I will recommend everyone to take your class

Todd Busque
Newburg, Missouri

This course was very informative, it will definitely help keep you out of trouble and save you a lot of money in the long run. I would recommend it to anyone that is thinking of selling cars.

Shawn McCroskey
Springfield, Missouri

This seminar is a must..... very complete & educational, thanks for info...

Paul Goodman
Express Auto
Forsyth, Missouri

Wow! I want to become a dealer. Delus taught a very informative class. Don't know much, but learned alot from Delus Johnson. I love the Mo Dealer Training Manual.

Karen Reeder
Seligman, Missouri

I attended the seminar and to be honest I was not looking forward to it. Having had my dealers license for years in the state of Kansas and Oklahoma I really felt this was not something that I needed, but since it was required I kept and open mind and figured I would learn something! Delus Johnson was very informative and really knew the requirements forward and backwards. He also kept the class very fast moving which I really appreciated, it kept me from yawning and wanting to sleep through the class, lol. Once the class was over I was glad I had attended and really felt that there was some really great information that came from it and would encourage others to have an open mind, cause you will learn SOMETHING!

A to Z Recycling
Mountain View, Missouri

I have had my dealer license in the past and have sold a lot of product. But come to find out there is a lot a person does illegally out of misunderstandings through the state and not ever being told any different. I would gladly recommend this training even to existing dealers. Thanks.

Trailer Trendz
Eugene, Missouri

My wife and I recently attended the dealer training and not only did we come away with the mandated completion certificate, but FAR MORE IMPORTANTLY we had ALL of our questions answered! Delus Johnson was not just "qualified" but has been "out there in the trenches" for years and truly knows the daily ins and outs of all aspects of this business.

George Pearce
Conway, Missouri

The training gave us the information that no one was going to tell us. It would have been a rough start and lost dollars. Thank you Delus, and to every dealer out there taking this class... this training will more than pay for itself the 1st minute.

Dennis & Roland
Rozza Automotive
Kansas City, Missouri

The seminar was great, and very informational. Delus Johnson was very knowledgeable about the subject matter, and delivered the information in a very quick and organized matter.

Ginger Bryant
Northstar Auto Body Inc
Northmoor, Missouri

This seminar was well worth the money spent. I would recommend that even veteran dealers attend and obtain the dealer training manual given. Very informative, Delus Johnson knows what he is talking about. Answers questions with honesty during the seminar, is still available and helpful after. I think Delus has a future in motivational speaking. My son and I left the seminar, PUMPED AND PREPARED ! THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP!

Rodney Stapleton
Nathaniel Stapleton
Smiley's Auto LLC
St. Joseph, Missouri

Great class, covered everything, good communication skills, was professional. Thank you for your assitance in teaching the course.

Eric Rehmann
Foristell, Missouri

Very informative! Delus Johnson was very knowledgeable and went out of his way, even after the seminar. The information is very useful and I feel it will definitely help anyone becoming a dealer!

Mike Wilson
Fusion Motors
West Plains, Missouri

The class was very informative and organized. Delus Johnson, the instructor, allowed ample time for Q & A and covered a lot of material well in a short amount of time. Thank you, Delus, for a very informative seminar.

Woody Kinney
Super Shuttle
Kansas City, Missouri

It was great. The trainer was fabulous. He really explained to us all we needed to know about starting our own car dealership.

Sunny Esaen
Adlime Auto Sales
St. Louis, Missouri

The course was good and interesting. Delus was very knowledgeable of everything. I would recommend the class!

Richard Ellerman
Osage Beach, Missouri

Thorough, clear, to the point. Good documentation, very concise.

Philip Swanson
Springfield, Missouri

Delus, had a good time. You answered everyone's questions quickly which helped get through the course. I've been a dealer for over 20 years, thanks for making the seminar concise and informative.

BW Blakey
Springfield, Missouri

I have been selling and buying cars through another dealership for years. I took this training because I had to for my own license. But, wow what a surprise I learned a ton, when I thought I knew it all. Delus Johnson was great and very knowledgeable. I recommend his training even if you think you don’t need it. Definitely worth the time. Thank you.

Kerry Daniels
Lake Ozark, Missouri

Thanks Delus for the time you shared with us at the Dealer Seminar. I have wanted to get a dealers license since 2002 but as I looked at everything that was involved it just seemed overwhelming. The class has helped clarify things for me and that book was worth the price of the class.

Scot Taylor
Troy, Missouri

This seminar is needed and I believe now that it is money well spent. Now I can go work knowing what to do and not get in trouble trying to do something without the proper forms. Time to go to work. Thank you for all the help.

Steven L Bowdish
SBD Used Auto
Hannibal Missouri

Thanks, the training was very helpful. I really appreciate you getting back with me on all my questions. The training will help any one that's had any doubts and questions about your dealer license and or any questions with titling and so forth. Thanks again.

Brad Barone
Route 66 Freedom Riders LLC
Joplin, Missouri

Thanks for the information and I enjoyed your class.

Michael and Duane' Tolbert
Grandview, Missouri

This class is well worth the cost, even if you are undecided about having a car lot it starts you out with a good feel and a plan. Well worth the money time goes by fast and very painless.

James Hodson
Carthage, Missouri

I have been in the car business continuously since 1974. In Illinois, Florida and twice in Missouri. The first time I was a dealer in Missouri this course was voluntary, and I attended gladly. Now it is required. And it certainly should be, much to the unfortunate dismay of some. After 30 plus years I still learned a lot at your course. The course was concise and informative. And Delus Johnson did an excellent job of instruction. Start to finish I was never bored or anxious to get finished. Great job!

Steve DeLong
Southtown Motors
Osage Beach, Missouri

Great class. Delus Johnson was very knowledgeable about the subject talked about. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone!!!

Courtney Novak
Midwest Toyz
Springfield, Missouri

The course was extremely informative and helpful. Everyone who takes it will benefit greatly.

Alex Perez
314 Imports LLC
St. Louis, Missouri

I've been a car dealer for many years in the state of Kansas before opening a dealership in Missouri. I feel the seminar was very informative and helped me learn the difference in the laws in each state. I feel every state should require attendance of the seminar before issuing dealer license.

David Myer
Dave's Auto Sales
St. Joseph, Missouri

I took your training course a couple months ago and I recently purchased an existing used car dealership (Ozark Auto Sales). I have only been under ownership for a week now, but I love the new business and I can honestly say I love what I do now. The used car business is spectacular and very fulfilling at the same time. I am really glad that I took the Missouri Dealer training course because it gave me a lot of the knowledge that I would have missed out on and it gave me a great leap in the right direction. I would like to give a thanks to Delus Johnson for all his help and want to let him know that he was a great teacher and a great guy. I look forward to a prosperous year in the car business!

Zach Johnson
Ozark Auto Sales
West Plains, Missouri

My brother and I attended this seminar after finding it on the Internet. Being new to this end of the business we felt it necessary to further educate ourselves and that we did. This class was extremely informative and educational. We learned so many things that we weren't previously aware of having been in the wholesale end of the business. Retail is an entirely different spectrum. We would recommend this seminar to anyone who is wanting to learn how to do things the right way! Thanks so much for a terrific experience that we will refer back to on numerous occasions in the future...as we already have. Thanks!

Tom Warnke & Trish Herzog
TDA Wholesale, LLC
Platte City, Missouri

Thank you so much for the informative training. We had considered the course and reconsidered since we are only going to be involved with motorcycles. When we left the meeting yesterday, we were both just amazed how much we had learned and how beneficial it was to us both. Thank you Delus for the great presentation.

Larry and Connie Williams
C & L Cycles
Branson, Missouri

This training is a must for anyone going in to auto/boat/atv sales business. Step by step you are led on how to have a successful business, as well as a manual to help you along the way. We recommend it to everyone.

Oren Henry
O. Henry & Henry LLC
Holden, Missouri

I recently completed the Missouri Auto Dealers Seminar in St. Joseph. I found the seminar to be very informational and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in becoming a dealer. There were many things that I did not know before going to the seminar and I know they are things I will need to know to run the dealership successfully. Thanks again!!!!!

Jodee Parker
R & W Wrecker & Equipment Sales LLC
St. Joseph, Missouri

The class was very informative.

Carrie Camerer
Town and Country, Missouri

Fast paced and easy to follow. Answered all questions, was very helpful.
Lindsey Ellerman
Osage Beach, Missouri

Best 4 hour class I've ever had.
Robert Brown
Hillbilly Willys
Diamond, Missouri

Great Semiar. Presenter was informed & knowlegeable as well as personable.

Amber Smith
Lebanon, Missouri

Great class, well informed, easy to follow, tremendous enery.
Anyone interested in the business can benefit from the class.
Ryan Pinson
Springfield, MO

Great class even after many years as dealer, helps to stay current.
Lynn Sullivan
Florissant, MO

A wealth of knowledge explained very thoroughly. I actually enjoyed the seminar and learned a lot! Thanks again!

Cambridge Motorsports
Springfield, MO

I feel like i just completed a higher learning course of cars.

Prentiss Ross
Ross' Auto & Detailing
St. Roberts, Missouri

This seemed to be a thorough seminar. The gentleman, Mr. Johnson, was extremely pleasant and did not waste our time. He got right to his point and moved on which was wonderful for a Saturday class

J Miller
TJ's Auto Repair
Springfield, Missouri

Thank you for making the class interesting. Good Job

Judith Schmickle
Kansas City, Missouri

Enjoyable speaker, valuable information, definitely worth the time.

Tim Martin
Tim's Automotive
Memphis, Missouri

I attended the class and I found it very helpful and educational. I would definetly recommend this teacher to a friend.

Kyle Sawyer
Bolivar, Missouri

I think the training was very helpful to me. Delus Johnson was very well informed, and I got a lot of information from him that I will use in my dealership. Thanks.

John Mattern
Mattern Automotive
O'Fallon, Missouri

The seminar was a great investment and learning experience for me and my business. Even being in the the used car business for the last 4 years, it has informed me of new laws and the proper way that the business should be done. I recommend even existing dealers to use Delus Johnson's training to help them in their business.

Jon Buck
Joplin, Missouri

I have been in the Missouri Dealer Business for over 20 years, this is the first siminar of this kind that I have attended and I have to say, that it was very informative, very well presented, covered all the requirements and answered any questions that I had about updates. Overall, I did learn some new information that pertained to starting my new dealership and application for my new dealer number even though I had previously held a dealer number.

Rita Lewis
N N Truck & Auto
Neosho, Missouri

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